Portfolio investments:
Funds deposited directly by banks

  • No interest management fee
  • Portfolio investments diversify risk
  • 7%-12% annualized investment return

Individual investments:
Quality assets to save you worry

  • Low risk for recommended investment
  • Quality assets; solid returns
  • 6%-11% annualized investment return

Monthly Interest Increase Investments:
Interest increases every month,
flexible cashing out

  • Flexibly opt out a loan and cash out after one month
  • Free choice from 1 month to 36 months
  • 5.0%-9.6% annualized investment return

Investments for novice investors:
One-time benefit for novice investors

  • Limited amount
  • Short term: 1 month
  • 12% annualized investment return

Loan transfer:
Withdraw money quickly

  • Withdraw money quickly by depositing
    it into your bank account
  • Easy to transfer; Fast capital recovery
    6%-16% annualized investment return